Rare Egg Membrane ReGrows Cartilage, Melting Away Joint Pain and Arthritis.
Even if you are over 50 years old, you can END pain, be active, and feel YEARS YOUNGER AGAIN!
So Strong the DEA Tried Ban It
We must be up front: Part of what you will read about is the world’s most potent natural joint pain reliever. When it was introduced in the United States, the DEA banned it as a Schedule 1 drug for just over 30 days because of it’s “painkiller like” effects. 
It was ban while they had it scientifically tested. 
It tested SAFE and NON ADDICTIVE. They could not believe something this powerful was natural and safe.

The ban was overturned after one of the biggest consumer protests in recent history. The DEA in partnership with the FDA was able to confirm this special substance did not have any harmful effects or caused addiction or inebriation.

It is powerful and legal (for the moment), but this is something you need to read about quickly. 
Joint Pain “Miracle” Revealed
Miracle is such a strong word, but there is NO other way to describe what you are about to read. The “joint health” community wholeheartedly agrees. Clinical trial after clinical trial shows the same results: 

This solution was found after $7,000,000.00 was spent on intensive clinical research. In fact, what you are going to read about is the single most researched joint building substance in human history. 
As you keep reading, you will discover the only joint pain formula that has ever been clinically proven to regrow worn down, aged and damaged cartilage. Cartilage regrowth is the absolute KEY to achieving joint pain relief that will make you feel YEARS younger than your natural age. This type of tissue regrowth was thought to be impossible until MILLIONS of dollars was spent testing this incredible rare ingredient.

Luckily, what you are going to read about is 100% naturally occurring or it would already be Big Pharma’s next Top Selling Pain and Arthritis formula.
Incredible Natural Pain Relief
This formula goes to work IMMEDIATELY decreasing your joint pain with nature’s most potent pain reliever. This special leaf is newly legal in the United States and provides “morphine-like” pain relief without ANY side effects or brain fog. It has been reversing pain for over 100 years in Asian countries and it is now changing lives in the United States. 

It will change your life!

It was SO powerful, the DEA banned it for 30 days as a Schedule 1 narcotic until the ban was legally overturned due to passionate consumer outcry and scientific studies demonstrated its safety.  
Nobel Prize Winning Delivery
These joint rebuilding nutrients will be quickly driven into your bloodstream by a formulation that has won a Nobel Prize in Medicine for it’s circulation benefits. This proprietary nutrient blend allows your body to gently expand its blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow and for these much needed “Relief” nutrients to flood your inflamed tissues.

Your bioavailability is boosted to over 99%!

Keep Reading; you are about to find the KEY to your joint pain, even if you have Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. 

Get ready to live pain free like you are decades younger!
I am so excited to be writing this! I have to say over my many years of being an author and natural health researcher, joint pain and inflammation is a major concern for many of my audience. 

Millions of my readers are affected by painful joints and arthritis and it can be a “real life” prison sentence.
This is the BIGGEST joint health breakthrough I have ever researched! 
As you will read, cartilage is the KEY to your life without pain. In fact, the sole role of cartilage is to protect your joints and keep you “pain free”. 

As you know, this body layer wears down as you age, creating tissue on tissue painful friction. This is what we NOW know as joint pain and arthritis.

Up until this VERY moment, there was not a lot I could tell my readers other than a variety of natural pain relievers and the same generic nutrients.


Due to a HUGE medical science discovery, there is now a natural way to regrow your cartilage and ONCE AGAIN provide your joints with the cushion and protection they need to be pain free. 

Yes, I am actually talking about a way to “reverse the age” of your joints to give you the “pain free” life you had years ago!

As you continue to read, you will realize you have a whole new life ahead of you, with limitless possibilities. Do NOT miss this chance to finally live without joint pain or arthritis. 
In Good Health,
Dr. Earl Mindell
Imagine a Life with NO Joint Pain
How long has it been since you have lived without pain? 

If you are like most, you can’t remember the last “pain free” day you have had in years. In fact, you probably have succumb to the idea that pain is now a part of your life and it will NEVER end.
It CAN and WILL end now...
Take one moment and imagine waking up “pain free”. Imagine being able to walk the dog, without painful joints or even simply walking to the bathroom, without achy knees. Imagine doing simple life tasks with 100% mobility and 0% pain, like you were years younger. 
I know this must sound like a pipe dream, but people your age and EVEN older have tested a miracle nutrient that is now changing their lives on a daily basis. A nutrient that is working in 100% of the cases and actually regrowing cartilage.

So please, keep imagining what relief will feel like, because you are reading about the most important joint health discovery ever made.
Imagine “Reversing” Your Joint Age
I know this is going to sound like science fiction, but imagine watching your worn down, weathered, and aged joint cartilage regrow, giving your joints the cushion and support they need to become pain free once again.
This is NO LONGER a dream; it is medical reality. There is a clinically tested natural nutrient that has shocked doctors globally as it has the ability to regrow your cartilage, no matter your current age.
In layman’s terms, this “super nutrient” turns back the hands of father time and restores your joints to a “younger” version of themselves, allowing you to live with “pain free” healthy joints.
Think back to how great you felt years ago, before the pain started.

This ONE single super nutrient is allowing people to live like they did in the past and finally be active again with their friends and loved ones without debilitating pain. 

If you are finally sick and tired of being in pain...
Well, I Have Great News You Will Want to Read!
A recent natural medicine discovery is giving people their lives back across the country. In fact, it is the ONLY known substance in the world to induce the body to regrow receding and damaged cartilage, taking YEARS off of painful joints and effectively ending pain.
This breakthrough has officially been called the KEY to joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is fundamentally changing the medical community as you read this.

You will FINALLY be able to live without pain and have joint health like you were years younger. Fitness, rounds of golf, outings with your beautiful family are ALL possible now because of this monumental joint health discovery.

Get ready to have YOUR LIFE back! 
Never Fails...
I’ve been taking eggshell membrane for a while now, and it is, by far, my favorite supplement. I’ve had knee issues for many years and this supplement restores all mobility and reduces the pain! Also being the active person that I am, I injure my knee from time to time, but eggshell membrane has never failed to restore all my knee functions
What is this Miracle “Joint Building” Substance?
Simply Natural Eggshell Membrane.
After millions of dollars of research, a medical hypothesis has been proven RIGHT, and it is now being considered a substantial joint health breakthrough.

Every egg has a thin layer in between the egg white and the shell called the membrane, this nutrient rich part of the egg serves as the growth and nutrient supply for the forming chick housed inside the egg.
This is MUCH like a human umbilical cord.
After years of research it has been concluded that the growth factors in natural eggshell membrane are nearly identical to those in human joints and cartilage. In fact, they are 100% human compatible. 

In layman’s terms, when you consume naturally extracted eggshell membrane, natural growth factors begin to rebuild your joints and collagen, eliminating pain.
They work to build your joints and tissues, like they do for the newly forming baby chick.
The membrane is rich in glycosaminoglycans, specifically the polysaccharides glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, all three of which are naturally occurring substances in cartilage and play an essential role in the maintenance of healthy joint and connective tissue.

Eggshell membrane is also made up of fibrous proteins like collagen and elastin, which contribute to the strength and flexibility of connective tissues and joints. The amino acids desmosine and isodesmosine increase joint tissue elasticity, and growth factor-B promotes cell regeneration and healthy immune function.

This incredible, natural substance nourishes and rebuilds every inch of your painful, achy joints so you are able to live a full life - WITHOUT PAIN

You can once again regrow your cartilage and connective tissues like you were young and strong. 
Nutrient Rich Joint Booster
Natural eggshell membrane contains every single possible nutrient needed to nourish, maintain and regrow healthy joints. It is the SINGLE most joint nourishing substance in the entire world and it has taken the “joint health” industry by storm. 

Below you will see a list of “pain killing”, joint rebuilding nutrients found in natural eggshell membrane.
  •  Collagen type I (25%)
  •  Dermatan sulfate
  •  Chondroitin sulfate
  •  Sulfated glycoproteins
  •  Hexosamines
  •  Glucosamine
  •  Lysozyme
  •  Hyaluronic acid
  •  Sialic acid
  •  Desmosine
  •  Isodesmosine
  •  Ovotransferrin
  •  Lysyl oxidase
  •  β-N-acetylglucosaminidase
This literal cocktail of nutrients are all vitally important to your overall joint health and life without pain. 

Once you begin consuming this “joint” nourishing substance, your body goes to work restoring your joint function, rebuilding your cartilage and relieving your pain…. No matter your current age.
Understanding Your Joint Pain
You can never solve a problem without fully understanding the why you have the problem in the first place.

First, it is important to understand that your cartilage is the absolute key to your joint health. It’s sole job is to cushion and protect your bones and joints. This substance is what keeps you out of pain in your youth. 
As we are growing and our bodies and joints are expanding, our body is producing what is medically known at Growth Factor B. This hormone promotes cartilage growth as your form into an adult, protecting your vital bones and joints. However, after adulthood, this hormone stops producing and our cartilage stops growing, leaving us with a finite amount.

Here is the bad news: Much like how a car wears down brake pads, our cartilage wears down after years of use. Years of sports, running, walking, falling… all of these things begin to wear down the layer that was grown. 

Eventually, your bones and joints are no longer protected and rubbing bone on bone. When this happens your bones and exposed tissue become inflamed and constant chronic pain sets is. The is the EXACT onset of arthritis. You never have a change of relief, because that protective layer is seemingly gone for good!

This is also the reason that arthritis did NOT affect you when you were young, you had a full supply of cartilage protecting you and keeping you out of pain. 

In fact, tell me the last time you have heard of arthritis affecting a younger person. If you had, they were born chronically deficient in protective cartilage. 

If your body started producing Growth Factor B again, you would be able to replenish your lost cartilage and once again LIVE without pain and arthritis, like you were decades younger.  

You are in luck, you are reading about the ONLY substance in the world that has been clinically proven to regrow “aged” and “damaged” cartilage.
Growth Factor B - The Key to Cartilage Re Growth.
You are reading about the only substance in the world that is clinically proven to regrow “joint protective” cartilage, eliminating pain in the joints. 
Imagine your protective cartilage regrowing, giving you the joint protection and comfort you need to live pain free. This is all possible due to Growth Factor B which has been found inside of natural eggshell membrane. In fact, it is the only natural source of “human compatible” Growth Factor B ever discovered. 

You see, the membrane inside the egg acts like the umbilical cord for human babies. This membrane provides all of the nutrients and growth factors needed to grow the baby chick. 

It just so happens, the the growth factors and nutrients in eggs, line up EXACTLY with human needs including the VERY RARE Growth Factor B. They are 100% human compatible. 
Again, the human body naturally produces Growth Factor B, growing cartilage until we reach adulthood, then it goes away forever, leaving us with a finite supply of bone and joint cartilage. This is the same cartilage that wears down as we age, leaving us in chronic pain. 

The amazing discovery of eggshell membrane allows us to once again GROW and regenerate cartilage like we were in our youth — crushing joint pain in the process and protecting our joints forever.

You NOW have the secret to reversing years off of your joints and living pain-free like you were decades younger. Cartilage regrowth is now possible and it is changing lives as you read this!
Younger Joints, Means Reduced Pain
Reversing the age of your joints is the KEY to long term pain relief. Remember, the human body was not designed to be in pain. Cartilage is the part of your body that was supposed to keep your bones and joints cushioned and comfortable. By renewing this pain relieving tissue and regrowing it like in your youth you have created a “bio hack” that will allow you to live pain free. 

You now have a way to have the joint health of an 18 year old, without any worry of tissue degradation. Reversing the age of your joints and restoring your cartilage is the key to ONCE AGAIN being active and living pain free.
Nature’s Collagen - Strongest in the World.
Collagen supplementation has long been used as a way to support healthy joint function. What you are reading about today is now considered the most potent natural collagen blend every discovered.

The REAL breakthrough is finding that eggshell membrane contains a new super collagen that is boosted by “joint healthy” glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. Nothing else in nature has this natural makeup. The nutrient alignment is perfect to support healthy human joint function and relieve your pain.
Additionally, when these three pain and arthritis fighting compounds are found naturally — such as in eggshell membrane — they are much more bioavailable. This means they absorb instantly into the body and go to work restoring joint health and relieving your pain. 

The natural “joint boosting” blend will nourish your aching joints and allow your body to begin to rebuild it’s much needed collagen, finally giving you a “pain free” life.
Arthritis is a Thing of the Past
Arthritis and degenerative joint diseases is truly an American epidemic affecting 140 million people and ruining lives. In fact, 50% of people over 50 are affected by the chronic pain of arthritis, and it seems to be getting worse.
Natural eggshell membrane is NOW being used experimentally to drastically lower the number of those affected and eventually wipe out the pain of arthritis. 

Thousands of clinical trial patients are finally getting relief as you read this. 

Clinical scientists are now backing natural eggshell membrane after a series of incredible test results. Natural Eggshell membrane is being hailed as an arthritis cure according to an article published in "Clinical Rheumatology" in August 2009.
This groundbreaking study found that natural eggshell membrane is effective for reducing pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis; also, researchers stated that eggshell membrane supplements are safe and do not cause the side effects typical of long-term use of osteoarthritis treatments, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Arthritis is NO LONGER a prison sentence. You can get the relief you need without risking your health and terrible side effects. Natural eggshell membrane is being proven all over the world to go to work restoring your cartilage, nourishing your joints and taking away debilitating arthritis pain.
We cannot get enough of this stuff! 
My husband and I are both in our late 70’s and have eight very active grandchildren. I have arthritis in my wrist and my husband has terrible hip and knee pain. We’ve been searching for a joint medication or supplement, anything that was give us some relief. When we first heard about Eggshell Membrane, we were a bit skeptical because we didn’t believe the natural supplement would give us the relief we were looking for. And were we WRONG… On day 7, my husband and I felt incredible! We were able to garden, complete chores around the home, and even keep up with our grandchildren for the first time in years! We cannot get enough of this stuff! 
Put out the FIRE of Tissue Inflammation
Eggshell membrane CAN and WILL put out the scorching fire of inflamed bones and joints. You no longer have to live in agony as your pain worsens throughout each and every day. 
Does this sound familiar? You force yourself to move because you are sick of being inactive. The increased activity increases your pain and then you are stuck being inactive, once again.

It is a painful, depressing, vicious circle, that you can NOW STOP.

When you nourish your joints and begin regrowing your cartilage, it is like aiming a fire extinguisher at your inflamed joints. Day after day they become less and less inflamed, allowing you to live an enjoyable life, without pain. 
The solution that you have been waiting for is clinically proven natural eggshell membrane. Keep reading to see why experts are calling it a “joint rebuilding miracle”.
Astounding Clinical Research
The information you are reading above is full of very heavy “pain relieving” claims, that are ALL backed up by incredible medical clinical trials.
There has been several millions dollars spent thus far on clinical trials all over the world, all of which are showing amazing joint pain relief results. 

Here a just a few examples.

Clinical research for natural eggshell began with a pilot study conducted by the National Journal of Osteo Medicine following patients with mild-to-moderate joint pain.  
They received 500 mg natural eggshell membrane daily. After just seven days, participants had an average 26% improvement in pain and 28% improvement in flexibility. This is an astounding improvement for only one week.
After 30 days, they had an average 73% reduction in pain, with 45% of participants reporting they were completely pain-free. They also had a 44% improvement in flexibility and 76% less pain through their range of motion. No adverse side effects were reported.
After just 30 days, nearly total relief was felt by all the participants without any side effects that are common to joint pharmaceuticals.
The Results Keep Getting Better
The Journal followed up this pilot study with an additional study to further support the safety and efficacy of natural eggshell membrane in osteoarthritis patients. This study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 67 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. 
They received either 500 mg of eggshell membrane or a placebo. After only ten days, those receiving eggshell membrane supplements had a 62% reduction in pain and 47% less stiffness
At the end of the 60-day trial, those receiving natural had an average pain reduction of 78%, and 51% less stiffness. 
This are the Most Significant Osteoarthritis Clinical Trial Numbers Ever Reported
In fact, One third of the patients receiving natural eggshell membrane experienced a reduction in pain of 80% or greater, and more than half had at least 50% less stiffness. Again, No adverse side effects were reported.
The newest study conducted by the Journal was conducted at six different clinical sites throughout Germany to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of natural eggshell membrane for the relief of the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and/or hip.
Forty-four patients were treated with a daily dosage of 500 mg of natural eggshell membrane. Clinic visits were scheduled for subjects at study initiation and at 60 days following the onset of treatment. 
Statistical analysis revealed that supplementation with natural eggshell membrane produced a significant pain relieving effect within JUST 10 days. 
On average, nearly 1/4th of the subjects experienced a 40% improvement in pain-related questions within 10 days and almost 20% of the study population experienced a 50% improvement in pain-related questions by the end of the study (60 days). This is incredibly quick relief for osteoarthritis symptoms.

Significant improvement for stiffness was noted at 30 and 60 days after treatment.
In addition, a notable drop in painkiller use was recorded. 
For the 30 days prior to study commencement, patients consumed on average 7 doses of acetaminophen. 
Pain killer use had dropped considerably to 2.43 doses per 30 days after 30 days of supplementation with natural eggshell membrane.
Again, No side effects were noted.
The results are conclusive, patients all over the world are dropping their toxic painkillers and joint medications to get save, quick and effective relief from natural eggshell membrane.

You are minutes away from the relief you have dreamt about for years!
I’m 61 years old and a strong user of Advil and Aleve. That was until a couple of weeks ago… I honestly didn’t believe eggshell membrane would be strong enough for my pain, but I was willing to try this supplement after reading an article. I noticed an incredible improvement in my back and knees, especially when I get up or walk. I’ve weaned myself off of the Advil and Aleve, and now I just rely on eggshell membrane and I feel amazing! 
Pain Was Ruining My Life...
This is a story that I know hits close to millions of people worldwide. As you read this, you will understand my painful journey to finally get where I am at today, 100% PAIN FREE
Before I get into my joint pain journey I would like you to know a bit about me. I am nothing special, I am just your typical guy, but I thought I did a good job taking care of myself. Even when I was approaching 60 years old, I never felt that “old”.
As I aged, I was trying to do all of the right things to keep myself healthy and “youthful” including eating right and exercising as much as I could. Now, I was not nearly perfect, but much better than many of my friends.
Honestly, I was feeling great until one day my life changed, forever. As crazy as it sounds, it was a typical day on the golf course when I pulled a drive and ended up on the root of a tree. Wanting to “play the elements” I swung and fully caught the root, twisting my wrist and elbow. Ouch!!!
Moments later my arm was in a lot of pain. Pain to the point where I had to stop playing and ride in the cart the rest of the round, this has never happened before that day.
I will spare you the details but my arm did NOT feel like it was improving at all, even after two weeks. In fact, it was just as painful or even more. I know you have been there. 

I finally broke down and booked an appointment with a sports medicine doctor. I reluctantly went, waited for what felt like hours and got in to see him. After being poked and prodded and even scanned with an MRI machine, he came back with the results.
My tissues were fine, no breaks for sprains, but I had very little joint cartilage and I had inflamed my joint tissues, causing constant pain.
He explained that the cartilage is what cushions your joints and as we age, this cushion disappears leading to joint pain and arthritis. Some of loose cartilage faster than others based our genetics and lifestyle.
Based on what he just saw, I was a candidate for arthritis in the years ahead because of my cartilage erosion.
He also explained this was not something that I “did”, it was simply age. My active lifestyle probably wore it down faster than most.
I have to tell you, I left thinking, “arthritis was for old people, and I’m not old” without giving it a second thought.
I took the prescribed mild pain meds, rested my injury and protected it further in the months ahead when I played golf again.
I must say, it never felt like it fully healed, but it only got really bad when it rained and when it was really cold outside, every other time was bearable. I put the “cartilage” and “arthritis” talk out of my head.
Fast forward just two years, all of those words came crashing down on me. It began when winter started and temperatures dropped. I felt a mild achiness that I just could not shake. Then I noticed that small movements, like picking up a coffee mug, created pain.
All of the sudden, I thought back to what my doctor had said…
Oh my god, I have arthritis! I could not believe this was really happening.
So, I decided to “suck it up” start supplementing with natural supplements to make myself feel better. NONE of them worked – but I wasted a lot of money.
One thing I did not realize about joint pain is it really does compound. You don’t wake up one day in excruciating pain, it compounds over days until it is unbearable. It was getting to that point.
I hit my breaking point when I started turning down activities with friends and family because of the pain I was in. No more golf, no more hikes, no more walks on the beach – all of those things hurt way too much!
Finally, I broke down and went back to my doctor. The last thing I wanted to see was his “I told you so” face, but I didn’t have a choice, I needed help.
I’m not sure what I was hoping for, but his advice was not it! The only options he had were pharmaceuticals and pain killers. Both of which were toxic and very addictive. No Thanks!
He went on to explain that I was basically out of luck and once cartilage wears down, it is gone for good, our body never reproduces it.
Now, I’m generally a very positive person, but I have to tell you, I left really really down. I did not see a solution that was going to alleviate my pain, without being incredibly toxic.
Over the next few months, the pain grew and grew. For once, I fully understood why many resorted to drugs and pharmaceuticals for relief. I wasn’t sure I could live like this. 
Honestly, I was almost to that point!
The next event that happened was truly a miracle. I was up late one night watching the late night news and they had a small segment on a clinical trial that was changing people’s lives.
This story discussed natural eggshell membrane and how it was changing the lives of arthritis patients. The more they reported, the more glued I was to the television. They did not explain much, just that the results were astounding. Patients were even “regrowing cartilage”
I could hardly wait, I took to google right away and started reading up on all of this cutting edge research regarding eggshell membrane.
This 100% natural, experimental treatment was changing every life that tried it!
So, if finally got up the courage and I called the medical journal that was sponsoring one of the studies. I explained my case and hoped they could help.
To my surprise, they said they still had room in an upcoming trial block. I was incredibly excited. In fact, a week before I started I got to have a conference call with one of the main doctors to explain the treatment.
Now, I do not remember all of the “doctor speak” from that conversation, but what I do remember was the rather simple explanation.
Human Growth Factor B is what tells our body to grow cartilage, this Growth Factor disappears when we reach adulthood, disallowing our body to grow joint tissues (This is exactly what my doctor explained).

However, medical scientists have figured out that organic eggshell membrane naturally contains growth factor B and it is 100% human compatible.
With this hypothesis, they tested on arthritis patients and they were CORRECT. Joint pain and arthritis patients of all ages were beginning to regrow cartilage and ease their pain.
It was literally like their joints were getting younger each and every day.
I hung up the phone and was ecstatic. I immediately started treatment
I have to say, even though I was skeptical, the results were exactly what was predicted. It actually worked, like it worked for thousands of others.
As days went on, I felt better and better. My pain decreased and I felt more limber and mobile than I have in years!
I could NOT believe it, I felt years younger.
I even went back for my follow up doctor’s visit and my stunned doctor had to show me my updated MRI that showed cartilage, where there was previously nothing.

He even had to re scan me because he thought it was wrong. 

He wanted to know if I was taking some experimental drug. He barely believed me when I said eggshell membrane. I simply left him a pamphlet I had and exited.
My improvements were obvious and my friends and family noticed. I was playing golf again, and better than ever. I started actually planning family outings instead of trying to avoid them. I was acting like a new and younger man. My progress was tough to hide.
Finally, my friends started asking me my secret and many confided the fact that they ALSO were starting to struggle with pain.
I came clean, divulged my trick and called the trial doctors to see if they could participate in an upcoming round.
It wasn’t that easy they explained. They had enough research and no further rounds were needed. They also went on to explain the organic egg membrane was limited so supply was dwindling. Only so much could be extracted per year.
I quickly purchased what they had left to ensure my supply and gave the rest to my friends and family to try.
As in all of the past trials, 100% had improvements. In fact, most begged me for more. It was like a twisted joke, I finally found something that was safe and effective and supply was limited. I’m not sure what I was going to tell them!
Overall, I was convinced that I had found the greatest joint health and arthritis breakthrough in the world, but it may be extremely limited.
The more research I did, the more I realized that organic egg membranes were the only ones strong enough to achieve these results. 
Proven Most Effective: Organic Eggshell Membrane.
After the effectiveness of eggshell membrane was proven over and over in worldwide osteo health tests, medical scientists zeroed in on determining the most potent type of eggshell membrane.

Harvard Medical decided to commission a multi phase test, testing the nutritional values of “joint building” elements in a variety of egg types specifically organic vs. non organic. 

Non organic chickens grow up pumped full of growth hormones and steroids increasing the chicken growth and yield of the meat. Organic chickens grow up naturally in a free range environment. 

It should be noted, this study was not aimed at proving the overall “health” of consuming organic or non organic eggs - just simply how nourishing the membrane tested.

After almost two months of testing, the results were beyond conclusive. Organic egg membranes tested significantly more nutritious. In fact, the non organic hormones seemed to alter the membrane in ways that took away it’s “joint building” properties. Scientists deduced that the unnatural growth of the chicken also lead to unnatural growth of their eggs, disrupting the nourishing inner membrane.

The expert scientists all agreed, organic chicken eggs had the most potent inner membrane for the regrowth of your cartilage and pain relief. 

The biggest issue is, organic eggs are becoming more and more scarce..
Rarity is a Real Issue
Very simply, the demand for organic eggs is increasing by the day, while supply gets less and less. 
Raising organic chickens to produce organic eggs is far more expensive than non organic chickens. The rising cost and increasing competition from big retailers has forced many smaller farms to adopt “big farm” farming principles and get away from organic farming.

Overall, the production of organic eggs is on the decline.
Conversely, more and more Americans are becoming health conscious and trying their best to buy organic, which is increasing consumption of organic goods. 

With consumption going up and production depleting, the overall supply is dwindling year after year. 

Past that, this “joint miracle” research is already starting to attract attention worldwide and extraction facilities are buying up organic eggs in bulk. 

There is NO getting away from it, organic eggs are becoming more and more rare and EVEN tougher to extract in bulk. 

However, MIT has a solution that is a total god send when it comes to enhancing the potency of small amounts on nutrients.
Small Batch Extraction Process
I have great news. Pharm Origins has an answer to rarity. In fact, they are a world leader because of potent and rare ingredients that actually work. 
Pharm Origins has become the world leader because they have partnered with scientists at MIT to utilize their patented “small batch” extraction process. 

This process is a way to concentrate and enhance every molecule of nutrient to stretch it’s capabilities when supply is extremely limited, such as the case with organic eggshell membrane. 

Scientists at MIT have patented a small nutrient extraction system which allows them to maximize nutrient output by over 10x.
This means that every gram of nutrient they extract ACTS like 10, due to their patented concentration. 

This type of technology was developed for rare nutrients that were scarce and hard to cultivate in a mass scale.

This single nutrient advancement allows organic eggshell membrane to be available to a much wider range of consumers - allowing joint pain relief. 

However, Pharm Origins, did not stop there. When asked if they could make the formula better, they said YES and added a very strong group of clinically proven natural ingredients.
You are now reading about the strongest joint formulation ever developed. 
Natural Pain Reliever (For Immediate Relief)
Pharm Origins understands the need for quick and immediate relief, which is why they added the strongest natural pain killer of all time. It is SO STRONG it was even banned as a schedule 1 drug by the DEA for 30 days while it was validated as safe and non addictive.
They did not believe anything this strong, could be safe and natural, it is!
A pure extract called Mitragyna Speciosa from specialized trees in Indonesia. Trees that villagers have known for years eased chronic pain.

Mitragyna speciosa, is either an evergreen or deciduous tree (depending on the climate of cultivation) and is classified in the same family as coffee plants. 

Cultivated mostly in Southeast Asia and indigenous specifically to Indonesia, the leaves of the tree contain psychoactive properties that induce pain killing reactions.
Pain Relief of Opiates – WITHOUT the side effects
Mitragyna binds to some of the same receptors as opioids, which would explain the sedative and pain-relieving properties of the plant. In fact, it has been called a “safe morphine”

Each leaf of Mitragyna contains more than 40 chemical compounds, including calcium channel blockers that are present in larger or smaller amounts, again depending on where the tree is cultivated.

Imagine an all-natural treatment that works like opioids for chronic pain but without the risk of dependence and resistance. All the while promising a feeling of euphoria in smaller doses or a feeling of pain-free calm in larger amounts.

A Natural IMMEDIATE Pain Relief Miracle
Vitamin D
A very rare and potent naturally occurring hormone named Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) has been proven absolutely crucial in bone and joint health. Clinical research has found that standard daily allowances enable your body to absorb calcium, which is needed to keep your bones healthy and strong. In fact, it has even been cited as a cure of osteoporosis, another growing epidemic. 

When you are rebuilding your cartilage, you still need your bones in strong working order to keep you mobile and out of pain. 

 Cholecalciferol has even been put to the test independently is a series of joint pain related clinical trials. 

A small clinical study of five people with vitamin D deficiency noted that pain symptoms went away when the participants took Cholecalciferol supplements. 

Another study predicted that adults with a Cholecalciferol deficiency who are older than 50 are more likely to develop pain in their hip and knee joints. The study also noted that the pain is more likely to get worse if the deficiency isn’t treated.

Another study looked at Cholecalciferol levels in people who have rheumatoid arthritis(RA), an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack its own joints. The study found that most of the participants had low Cholecalciferol levels. The researchers concluded that the low Cholecalciferol levels were a complication of RA. 

Other studies have concluded that people with RA have low Cholecalciferol levels from their corticosteroid medications.

The research is straightforward, Cholecalciferol will help the body build and enforce strong bones while natural eggshell membrane nourishes the joints and rebuilds cartilage.

This is truly a joint pain relief “one two” punch that will give you relief. 
Unbelievable Results...
Eggshell membrane has given me unbelievable results within the first week. My knees were causing me a great deal of pain, to the point that I have had them injected with cortisone several times within the last 4 months. Within a couple days after starting these supplements, I could tell a difference. By the end of the week, I had no pain and still have none, even when kneeling and bending down. I would highly recommend at least giving this a shot if you're suffering from pain and by the way, I'm 60 years old and this has been a miracle for me.
Nobel Prize Winning Absorbability
What good is a supplement, if your body cannot absorb it? The answer is, it is totally useless to you!
What you are about to read about is the most potent bio-availability booster in the world. 

Pharm Origins spent an entire two years on this mission of “better absorbability” and they identified an ingredient blend which is naturally ionized Magnesio (Magnesium) with a nitric oxide booster, which happens to be the rarest and purest magnesium in the world.

This element absorbs into the human body at a rate of 99% and immediately boosts hundreds of your biological functions.
Your body and especially YOUR JOINTS and VITAL ORGANS thrive with this substance coursing through your veins.

In fact, MG2110 plays an important part in…
  •  Creation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of your body
  •  Relaxation of blood vessels for better circulation
  •  Muscle and nerve function, including the action of your heart muscle
  •  Proper formation of bones and teeth, for less joint pain
  •  Regulation of blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, which is important for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.
Here is where the PATENT and NOBEL PRIZE comes in...

There was ONE LAST addition that needed to be added, and it involves activating the "miracle molecule" nitric oxide. 

This is the KEY to nutrient bioavailability as it gently expands your blood vessels allowing nutrients to flow faster and be absorbed in additional tissue areas.

Nutrient Absorption Increases from an average of 20% to 99% - Nearly 100%

This is achieved by adding pure beet root, no sugars, no additives, just pure nitric oxide enhancing Beetroot. 

Pure and simple, scientific studies have proven pure beet root ENHANCES nitric oxide flow and allows the smooth muscle wall of the arteries to relax. This allows the heart to pump blood better, delivering vital nutrients to the human body.
The Magnesium “Joint Miracle”
The potent and ionized magnesium in MG2110 plays an incredibly important role in joint health and pain relief.

Magnesium is an important mineral that plays a role in numerous bodily processes, including maintaining normal functioning of your muscles and nerves, helping with the absorption of calcium. This is crucial for your bone and joint health. 

A lack of magnesium, also known as hypomagnesemia, can cause a number of troublesome symptoms, including weakness, seizures and low levels of calcium in your blood. Additionally, research has found that low levels of magnesium may also play a contributing role in certain chronic joint pain conditions.

Lack of Magnesium Equals Weak Bones and Weak Joints

A study published in 2000 in the journal, "Archives of Toxicology," found that magnesium deficiency was associated with joint weakness and cartilage abnormalities in human patients. 

However, this is just one of many studies that have also linked magnesium deficiency to certain joint pain conditions. 

A clinical case study, published in January 2009 in the "New England Journal of Medicine," found that a 50-year old woman with severe joint pain caused by chondrocalcinosis, a type of rheumatic condition, also suffered from chronic hypomagnesemia. 

A clinical review, published in the December 2004 issue of the "Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry," also demonstrated a link between magnesium deficiency with osteoporosis.

Adequate magnesium is a way to fortify your joints and supercharge your pain relief. 
This Super Formula was Put to the Test
Even after millions of dollars spent on clinically researching just eggshell membrane we had to be sure that this super formula performed as well as leading doctors had predicted. This was by far the strongest joint formula ever assembled and the results were highly anticipated.

In order to begin the trial, we recruited 411 subjects, 211 male and 200 female, to take part in our groundbreaking clinical trial which studied the efficacy of taking 1500 mg of this eggshell membrane based formula. 

After treatment assessments were made for pain at the knees (3), hips (1), elbows (1), neck (1), shoulders (1), and lower back (4)

Researchers used the Likert scale to determine the pain scores in the patient's joints and this included measurements for general pain, pain when flexing the joint and for improvements in the patients range of joint movement.

After taking the supplement daily at home, the participants reported back to the clinic on day 7 and day 30 to be put through range of motion (ROM) exercises and to describe their pain and range of movement.

The results were staggering to say the least.

Statistical analysis revealed that supplementation with eggshell membrane produced a 27.8% increase in range of motion after just 7 days and a 72.5% reduction in general pain at 30 days, flexibility was increased by 43.7% and range of motion associated pain decreased by an average of 75.9%.

A second arm of the study, carried out using 215 subjects, used two different formulations of eggshell membrane. The supplements were designated as formulations X and Y and differed in the way they were partially hydrolyzed prior to final ingredient mixing.

Both supplement formulations X and Y where shown to produce significant benefits in
the patients at the 7 day point. Reduction in pain was recorded at 18.4% for X and 31.3% for the Y varieties of the formulations. The Y variety was then discontinued because it was so effective and the study then crossed over to using the X variety for the remainder of the study. The benefits of using the x variety continued to grow, with pain reduction being measured at 30.2% after 30 days.

Most intriguing of all, 100% of the participants found relief.
In Summary...
The above formulation is quite simply, the most effective joint pain formulation ever developed. It is backed by millions of dollars of research, over 300 clinical trials and several natural ingredient patents. When all of these joint rebuilding nutrients are combined you have a specialized blend that is clinically proven to…
  •  ReGrow “Aged” and Damaged Cartilage
  •  Instant Pain Relief
  •  Nourish Aching Joints - Bringing them back to life
  •  Restore Joint Function as you were decades younger
  •  Relieve Chronic Joint Pain
  •  Relieve Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Pain
  •  Reinforce your Bone Strength and Prevent Osteoporosis
  •  Restore Daily Function
  •  Restore Energy and Drive Like You were years younger
Warning, It is SO Effective it Could Be Made Illegal or a Pharmaceutical
I encourage you to read the rest of this page quickly. You have read the research above, it is no secret that this specialized natural eggshell membrane formulation is the most potent joint formula ever invented. In the hands of pharmaceutical companies, it would be making billions and billions of dollars, however, it would also be patented and synthesized with other harmful chemicals, making it addictive. 

Please keep reading and take advantage of this natural “joint pain” miracle as quickly as you can. It has helped thousands in clinical trials and it will certainly change your life. 

Finally, do not forget that the pain killing aspects of this product were so powerful they were temporarily banned by the DEA - THAT is effective relief. 
Introducing the Most Potent "Joint Pain Relieving" Formula in History.
So Powerful it is Covered by a Worldwide Patent
Medical scientists all around the world have proven that this specialized formula has the ability to regrow cartilage and heal joint pain once and for all – Even if you are an Arthritis suffered.
Now is your chance to live WITHOUT joint pain and Arthritis.

For the first time, a specialized extract known as Bendflex is available to you from the shells of the rarest eggs in the world.
Our world's best scientists have cracked the code on the extraction process, making it available FOR A LIMITED TIME in small batch quantities. But your supply is RARE and LIMITED as discussed above, so take advantage quickly.
You are on the way to naturally feeling pain free and years younger. Imagine waking up without pain and feeling better than you have in years!
You will Feel DECADES Younger (and pain free)
Without taking any perspiration pills or TOXIC, ADDICTIVE pills or chemicals.
Why did we choose this specific extract?
After countless worldwide tests, it is the only ingredient in the world proven to help regrow your worn down cartilage, the source of your pain and arthritis.
Once consumed, it immediately goes to work restoring your cartilage and reducing your pain so you can get back to “life” and feel years younger.
EVEN more Powerful if you are over 40.
Research shows that as you age, you wear down your much needed joint cushioning cartilage, inducing pain and arthritis. Protecting and re-growing this joint “safety net” is needed as you age, more than ever.
Boosted with World’s Strongest Natural Pain Reliever
The DEA Even Tried to Ban it, it is so strong.

BendFlex is boosted with pure Mitragyna Speciosa extract from the rare jungles of Indonesia. This potent substance goes to work relieving your pain receptors. In fact, it has been proven AS EFFECTIVE as pharmaceutical morphine without ANY side effects.
This leaf is so strong and so effective the DEA banned it as a Class 1 Narcotic, until it was finally legalized in 2016.
SAFE is Not Enough For You! This is the Purest Eggshell Membrane Extract to Ever be Sold in the United States. (Certifications to Back it)
It is a well known fact that, natural and safe, non pharmaceutical products are not regulated by the FDA, which can be downright scary.. .
We did the unthinkable and self regulated for the benefit of our loyal customers.
Even The Extraction Process is 100% Natural!
We take pride in the fact that our licensed extraction process does not involve any chemicals, it is 100% natural. 
Proprietary Raw Powder Delivery – The ONLY Way
Pharm Origins utilizes a proprietary raw powder delivery system in order to provide our health enhancers in the most bio available state possible.

This delivery method is scientifically proven to absorb faster and fuller, giving your body the benefit it needs.
Your body MUST absorb them to benefit
When your powdered supplement is mixed with water or any other liquid, it already starts in an absorbable state.
Your body DOES NOT Absorb Pills as Well as Powders
Remember? Pills have a hard coating, which the stomach will have to break down and separate the ingredients into smaller pieces before anything can be absorbed.
Powders = Immediate Absorption for Immediate Benefit
With no extra work required from the stomach, the powder mixture can immediately start its way through the intestine. Our small intestines are lined with villi, which absorb nutrients for our bloodstream.
It takes LONGER With Pills...As you can see above
With the pills being in smaller pieces, the intestine is not fully coated with the supplements. Therefore, not many supplements are absorbed and takes a longer amount of time to reach the bloodstream.
Get the Nutrients You Need.. In Your blood… Fast
Whereas the powder mixture, can easily coat the villi and be quickly absorbed. As a result, more supplements from the powder mixture will make it to the bloodstream.
Best of ALL – Total Nutrient Transparency
Pharm Origins is proud to offer health enhancers with 100% active and needed ingredients.  No fillers and no under dosed nutrients that do not enhance the body.  With our powder delivery, you see EXACTLY what you are consuming – Nothing hidden.
That is why if you want to Beat Joint Pain and Feel Years Younger…
Restore and Protect Your Cartilage
Reverse Years of Joint Damage
Or even have the ability to live without the pain of “older” joints or arthritis
Then you are reading the right information. You are discovering the most advanced natural joint repair solution in the world. So advanced, that doctors from all over the world are racing to figure out it’s full use and turn it into a prescription drug.

That research is ONGOING and it could take away your ability to restore cartilage and rid yourself of pain. So please keep reading quickly.
Positive Results!
I was in a horse accident about six years ago and have been in pain ever since. From the pain and soreness in my back, shoulder, hips, it makes work, sleep, daily tasks difficult. I’ve been prescribed many pain medications, some would work, but they came with awful side effects. I found a clinical study on eggshell membrane, with positive results, and wanted to give it a try. I noticed a difference immediately and by the second week I was pain free
Time is Not on Your Side, it is THAT Powerful!
You are about to learn how to restore your joints.

All this is possible because you will repair your damaged cartilage and reverse years of joint damage that has left you in pain and with Arthritis.
We Are Doing All We Can to Protect Your Joints and Reverse Your Pain…
We are not lying down to this fight. We do NOT want to see the greatest joint rebuilding formula of our time, go the way of Big Pharma.

If that happens, it will turn synthetic, become patented and most of the United States will lose access due to the all mighty dollar of the Pharmaceutical companies - YES - it is THAT strong.

The only substance in human history that has the capability of restoring cartilage to achy joints.
This Will Change Your Life...
Experience Mother Nature’s “Joint Solution"
Our natural extract is so proprietary and unique it is covered by a worldwide patent.

Luckily for me and for you, you’ll have this in your possession in about 1 minute and 30 seconds from now... and you will once again experience waking up in the morning without being in pain!
We urge you to act quickly because the supply of this special formulation is extremely limited and it could be turned into a pharmaceutical at any moment.
Patients are Eagerly Paying HUNDREDS Per Month for Dangerous Arthritis Meds without Clinical Proof
And not a single one of them have been documented to regenerate lost cartilage.
However, patients are driven by the idea of a life without joint and connective tissue pain, it is a fantasy for many!
Patients are lining up to try experimental meds in hopes that they can live even a SINGLE day out pain.
They want joint health like they had years ago when they were “pain free”, youthful and energetic.
However, these drugs are not cheap, they cost hundreds!
These drugs are heavily synthetic and are riddled with side effects. Just listen to the next drug commercial on TV, the side effects are downright terrifying.
Also, every single one of them are under patent and cost hundreds per month to consume…
However, Patient after patient take them day after day, month after month hoping for improved results.
The arthritis market is huge to big Pharma, and patients in agony, just like, help them make $30 billion a year just off joint pain.
Here is the sad part, the average Arthritis patient pays well over $500 a month for all types of drugs and procedures that are supposed to reverse the problem.
And each and EVERY patient would agree the cost is 100% worth it if they actually got relief.
How much is a pain free life worth to you? How much is a life FREE OF Arthritis worth?
Here is the fact that NO ONE wants to read. Even though there are more arthritis drugs on the market than EVER before, and billions more are being spent every year.
Arthritis is ONLY getting worse and CDC expects 70 million people will suffer by 2040.
More money is being spent on drugs, yet the issue is only getting worse.
Right now, you have a chance to do something different and win against arthritis.
We have a secret! If you are reading this, you are reading about the only known substance that rebuilds cartilage, ending years of joint pain.
Additionally, It is much SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE (based on clinical trials) than any joint drug on the market.
And, I have even better news…
Bendflex Will Not Cost You $500 Per Month
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$120 $67 (Almost 50% Off) is a Complete Bargain When You Consider...
The MSRP for BendFlex is $120 per container - which is considered low if you look at the clinical success and the fact that..
1. The active ingredient has been clinically proven as the only known substance to regenerate lost cartilage, taking years from your joints.
2. Every single bottle is manufactured in the USA and goes through strict purification procedures, as well as being manufactured in an FDA registered facility under GMP Practices- the gold standard in manufacturing.
Remember, this formulation is MORE EFFECTIVE and MORE PROVEN than the pharmaceutical joint drugs that cost $500 per month or MORE.
3. Bendflex is VERY LIMITED and NOT available by other retailers due to scarcity of the connective tissue building membrane and complexity during extraction.
Then, it goes through a long process of purification, concentration and production in order to be considered safe by the FDA.

Even at $120, BendFlex is worth every last penny
Our Average Customer Saves Over $500 when treating joint pain with Benflex Compared to Dangerous and Less Effective Joint Enhancing Pharmaceuticals.
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Frankly, there is not a single human walking around that does not need the brain function support of BendFlex.
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Fusion IONZ Medical Device 100% FREE
Boosted Circulation is the KEY to maximum nutrient delivery.

The Fusion IONZ Non-Thermal FAR Infrared device is a groundbreaking, circulation boosting discovery.

The technology is based on a 2012 Harvard clinical study that proved the circulation boosting power behind FAR Infrared technology.

This Fusion IONZ device improves blood circulation, which boosts energy, relieves chronic joint pain, and increases flexibility.
This is a Value of $100 - You Pay Nothing
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"The Most Advanced Joint Health Formulation Ever Released In the United States”
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Many customers “feel the difference” rather quickly as their joints get “years” healthier and pain diminishes by the day.
As you continue to use BendFlex, you will notice some significant changes…
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I don’t believe you should pay for something if it doesn’t work. Although I highly doubt that will happen based on our raving customer reviews.
Fact: BendFlex currently has less than 1% return rate due to the extraordinary effectiveness of our products.
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And I won’t know how long I’ll be able to resupply with a fresh order as this extract is very limited and once the FDA delivers a legal order - We may be finished with distribution forever.
Just Do Me A Favor And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Do Anything With The Product, Many are Counting on This to Live Pain Free!!
People suffering with joint pain and arthritis feel like they have a lifetime prison sentence.

Many joint pain sufferers are in need and they consider this a Life Changing Solution that they need it for themselves and their families.

Like I said, there’s not enough containers to go around for every single person reading this page. So please only order if you’re deadly serious about restoring your cartilage and ending your pain and arthritis.

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Even given the fact that hundreds of human clinical trials have been performed - the science community wants more and more research. That way we can add to the impressive body of clinical studies that already exist. 

This research will help us keep this powerful “joint restoring” formula legal and bring the product price down so it is more affordable for you and every man and woman who may be struggling with cellular DNA damage.
In the meantime, I have instructed the lab to set aside additional raw material so we are able to grow the already vast body of evidence to show the long term “joint rebuilding” advantages of BendFlex.

We Are trying to save BendFlex!
For only $1.52 cents per day- way less than you pay for a coffee - you can enjoy the most potent natural joint rebuilding formula in the world and ONCE Again live a life free of joint pain and arthritis.

No More Useless Pills For You...

On average, we spend over $200 a month on individual supplements and chemicals that don’t work. Pain lotions, wraps and pain pills, You name it! With BendFlex, it contains the only ingredient in human history to be proven to regenerate healthy cartilage, ending joint pain. 

Supercharge your health and save money
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My intuition tells me that you really need and use this extract to heal your joint pain. And, if your pain doesn’t decrease (which is highly unlikely), we want to hear from you immediately so we can refund your money. 
So let’s summarize one more time... 

BendFlex naturally goes to work repairing your damaged cartilage and restoring your joint function and allowing you to live without pain and feel years younger.
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We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
But you must remember - It MAY Be Turned Into a Drug.
BendFlex is Completely Different Than Your Low Quality Supplements You Have Tried
Most of these other companies pack in fillers and low doses of the active ingredients to save on cost- that’s why they can sell these supplements for $29 or $39. 

And I ask you?

Plus, only one ingredient in the world has ever been proven to repair cartilage – BendFlex
How did they work for you? Did you look and feel younger than ever…
I Thought So!
BendFlex is a 100% pure and natural extract and uses "gold standard" manufacturing processes. I know that may not mean anything to you…yet it means that you can have the added protection that all BendFlex is made in the USA and FREE of All Contaminants.
That literally limits the supply of this amazing egg extract, because the supply of raw material is so limited on a yearly basis. We only use the purest supply for each container we provide you.
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Can You Imagine Feeling Like You Had 10-20 years Ago – Without Pain and Joint Inflammation?
Just imagine how it’s going to feel once your package arrives and you begin taking BendFlex… You start noticing the difference in how you feel… restoring your activities – even looking younger while being pain free.

You’ll be able to experience having normal joint health and energy like you were 25 years old again.

You’ll have more drive, life passion and well-being.

Plus, your energy levels could skyrocket in a matter of days or weeks.

DO NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years, pain free. 

All with clear thought and outside of the world of prescription pills.

And when you can finally perform and be active again like you did when you were 10-20 years younger, you truly will feel like a young stud again… full of confidence and excitement.

It’s entirely possible and achievable. Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with your friends and family, living outside of age decline.

The good news is with BendFlex, you can reclaim this ability you once thought was a distant memory. It’s not out of the question.

With just one small dose per day, you can take back your joint health and ability to participate when your friends and family want you to be active.

Never Miss Fun Again!!

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Start Seeing Results TODAY!
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
And Remember Our Triple Guarantee!
If during this test period your you do not feel younger than you dreamed possible — or if you feel tired or fatigued for a single minute…
If within just the first 30 days you not only feel and act like you’re 20 to 30 years younger... and also start to have a whole new confidence and swagger…
then please send back the empty container and we will send you an immediate refund of the product price. If you want to experience the joint regrowth and reversal of age causing deficiencies keep reading. If you want to experience for yourself the wonders of BendFlex… and feel with your own body why scientists say. 
“The Most Complete and Potent Natural Joint Pain Relief Formula in the world”
And why, when it comes to the ability to perform, the continuation of more youthful years, the quality of your life and the newfound confidence… then click on the link below to try this new wonder anti aging solution and prove to your own satisfaction why Doctor Mindell hails BendFlex as the most powerful “joint pain reversing” supplement in the world.
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (888) 964 - 5327
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
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